What is the meaning of spiritual? How to tap into your spirituality in 3 ways

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The meaning of spiritual is something that many of us hear and use often but may not fully understand.

It’s okay if you’re not too familiar with spirituality. Being open to learning about it is a sign of growth.

In this post, we’ll explore what being spiritual means and how it relates to different parts of our lives.

We’ll also examine signs of spirituality and consider how to open ourselves up to more spiritual experiences. Plus, stay tuned for a quiz in the upcoming sections to test your spiritual knowledge!

Meaning of spiritual
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Oxford’s Take on Spirituality 

The Oxford Dictionary defines spirituality as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” It emphasizes the non-tangible essence of our existence.

It is the meaning of the word spiritual and its history.

Regardless of which origin you look at it from, the meaning of spiritual is always only derived from and related to the spirit.

The spirit is a concept that first appeared in the Latin language and hails from medieval times.

This dated concept is closely tied to a connection with a higher power, God.

The history of using the word spiritual relates to being human and open to higher or heavenly experiences.

The meaning of spirituality is connected to that which lies beyond the physical realm and the bodily aspect of being human.

In many cultures, a spirit is the life force that drives human experiences and life, without which existence is impossible.

However, spirituality is a quality that refers to people who are inherently more open to having experiences outside of their self and existence.

They can connect with more significant concepts because they aren’t confined to themselves.

Spiritual Meaning in Different Languages 

meaning of spiritual

In Hindi, the term for spiritual is “आध्यात्मिक” (Aadhyaatmik), which emphasizes the soul’s connection to the universe and the inner journey of self-realization.

The Meaning of Spiritual Life 

Spirituality is a journey inside yourself that values inner peace, deep understanding, and a solid connection to the universe over material wants. 

Consider the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, a renowned Zen master and peace activist. In his book, “The Art of Living,” he speaks of the beauty in mindfulness and being truly present in each moment. 

He says that if we live in the present, we can find happiness in small things and get to the heart of life. Hanh shows that spiritual life is about appreciating the little things while staying tied to the big picture.

Meaning of Spiritual Awakening 

meaning of spiritual

Have you ever felt a sudden realization or clarity about life? That’s a spiritual awakening. It’s when one becomes aware of a higher reality, a force beyond the mundane. 

Dr. Steve Taylor, a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University and the author of “The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening,” describes this phenomenon as “a shift into a more expansive, altruistic, and contented state of being.” 

This shift can lead individuals to perceive the world in a more connected and holistic way. This can manifest as a newfound appreciation for life, a deeper understanding of oneself, or a closer connection to the universe.

A spiritual awakening is a deep understanding of the more essential parts of life. It happens for different reasons and makes people more compassionate and less focused on material things. 

The journey can be challenging but is ultimately rewarding, offering a richer understanding of oneself and the universe. Eckhart Tolle emphasizes staying present during this transformation.

Does being spiritual mean being religious?

Since the meaning of spirituality can be viewed from many perspectives, many people assume that spirituality relates to having strong ties to one’s religion.

The answer is neither yes nor no. People who sincerely practice religion can be spiritual.

In some cases, they aren’t spiritual since the meaning of spiritual is about one’s openness and connection to that which is divine.

In some cases, indulging in religious practices and ways of life does help one tap into their spirituality, while in others, it could do the opposite.

A spiritual being focuses on quests for personal growth. Religious premises are more about concepts of what is right and wrong and the practices that align with these concepts.

Of course, spirituality and religion often overlap, but they aren’t always as intertwined as one might believe.

Meaning of the Spiritual Person

meaning of spiritual

A spiritual person isn’t just someone who meditates or goes to church. They are individuals who live with purpose, seek meaning in experiences, and strive for inner peace.  They are often empathetic, compassionate, and open-minded.

Take, for instance, Maya. She doesn’t meditate or attend religious ceremonies. Yet, every morning, she takes a moment to express gratitude for the new day. 

When she encounters someone in distress, she listens with genuine concern, offering comfort without judgment. 

During her travels, she seeks experiences not just for the thrill but to understand different cultures and perspectives. 

A strong sense of purpose and a search for meaning are what drive Maya’s actions. Her empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness exemplify the essence of a spiritual person, showing that spirituality is more about one’s approach to life than specific practices or rituals.

Spiritual Person Vs. Religious Person (Example) 

While spirituality and religiosity often do not intertwine, they are distinct paths. Consider the words of Dr. Lisa Miller, a prominent psychologist and author of “The Spiritual Child.”

She says religion gives people a structured way to connect with a higher power or the universe, while spirituality is a personal, inner connection with these things.

For example, John might find comfort in the quiet beauty of nature. When he looks at the stars, he might feel like he has a deep connection with the universe. 

He doesn’t follow any religious rules, but he feels a deep spiritual connection in these times. Sarah, on the other hand, goes to church every Sunday and connects with a greater power through the prayers, lessons, and people she meets there. 

John’s path is more spiritual, while Sarah’s is more religious.

At its core, spirituality is about personal experiences and relationships, while religion gives people a way to explore these feelings in a structured and public way. The two can definitely cross paths, but they still have their unique qualities.

Meaning of Spiritual Husband

In some cultures and beliefs, a spiritual husband is a divine being who is thought to be dating a person and causing problems in their life. 

It’s a complicated idea that comes from old views and usually needs a lot of respect and understanding.

Meaning of Spiritually Inclined 

When someone is spiritually inclined, they naturally lean toward spiritual views and practices. 

This kind of person often looks for deeper meanings in the things that happen to them and is drawn to activities that help them feel connected to the world.

Practices to become more spiritual

meaning of spiritual

Attaining spiritual awareness and becoming more spiritual involves practices that address the mind and body.

These practices ultimately help people connect better and more deeply with the world around them.

Below are some everyday practices that can help one unlock the meaning of being spiritual.

  • Implement mindfulness.

Being more aware of everything we do and think contributes heavily to spiritual meaning.

A more mindful person can develop an appreciation for everything around them and evaluate and cherish things beyond their worldly value and worth.

Being mindful can sometimes be as simple as being entirely in the moment, being aware of your thoughts, and fully taking in your experiences.

  • Practice meditation.

While being spiritual extends beyond one’s body, the practice of rising to higher thoughts and connections begins through our physique.

Meditation can start your journey towards becoming more spiritual by getting you into the habit of slowing down and pausing.

Various medication poses each contribute in their way to help someone take attention away from their surroundings and to their inner spiritual climate.

  • Foster gratitude.

One of the most significant signs of being spiritual is a feeling of utter contentment. Contentment, at its core, stems from feelings like gratitude and satisfaction.

Trying to mindfully be grateful for all the small and big blessings around and within you is the very meaning of spirituality.

Gratefulness for everything helps spiritual people rise above a desire for worldly possessions and interests.

Real-life Examples of Spirituality 

Mother Teresa’s unwavering commitment to helping the poor and sick in Calcutta is one of the most moving examples of spirituality in action. 

“Not everyone can do great things. It says, “But we can do small things with great love.” This is what spiritual work is all about. Here is more in her biography.

Similarly, the Dalai Lama, who is known around the world as a symbol of peace and compassion, teaches people how important it is to be kind and connect with others. 

He once said, “My religion is straightforward. My religion is kindness.” His teachings, books, and lectures have inspired millions to live lives rooted in compassion and understanding.

Through their words and deeds, these famous people show us what spirituality is really like. They show that faith isn’t just about becoming more enlightened; it’s also about making the world a better place.

Unlocking the Meaning of Spiritual: A Journey to Self-Discovery

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From understanding the essence of spirituality to exploring your practices and beliefs, this quiz is designed to help you reflect on your inner self and connect with the deeper aspects of life.

Plus, at the end of the quiz, we’ll provide you with personalized recommendations to further your spiritual journey, including access to free online medium psychics and tarot readings. So, are you ready to dive deeper into your spirituality? Let’s get started!

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  1. What is the true meaning of spirituality?
    • It refers to a connection with something greater than oneself, emphasizing the soul and consciousness.
  2. What is the meaning of a spiritual person?
    • A spiritual person seeks purpose, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of life.
  3. What does spiritual mean in the Bible?
    • In the Bible, being spiritual is about living according to the Spirit and having a relationship with God.
  4. What are the 4 types of spirituality?
    • They include religious spirituality, nature-based spirituality, existential spirituality, and humanistic spirituality.
  5. How do I know if I’m spiritual?
    • Signs include seeking purpose, being empathetic, and having a strong intuition.

Here’s the takeaway:

The meaning of spirituality is searching for a more significant meaning in things.

Spiritual individuals and practices are all centered on looking for a higher purpose and being more open to extraordinary things.

Being spiritual means allowing the universe to take over and training our mind and body to be open to letting it do so.

Spirituality, in its many forms, offers a path to inner peace, understanding, and a deeper connection to the universe. Whether through meditation, prayer, or simply mindful living, it’s a journey worth embarking on.

What’s your take on spirituality? How do you incorporate it into your daily life?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let’s continue this enlightening conversation together!

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