Quiz: Are you a Polarian starseed?


You’re a Polarian Starseed! Your deep connection to the North Star and intuitive nature are classic traits of Polarian Starseeds. You’re here to bring enlightenment and spiritual awareness to the world. To further understand your cosmic purpose, check out this unique moon reading: Learn more about your moon

You’re on a Starseed Journey!

While you may not be a Polarian Starseed, your curiosity about the stars and spirituality indicates you’re on a journey of cosmic discovery.

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#1. How do you feel about the North Star (Polaris)?

#2. What element do you resonate with the most?

#3. Do you often feel like you're meant for something greater?

#4. How do you handle challenges?

#5. Are you drawn to mystical or spiritual practices?


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